New stuff as of 1/16/03 (none have been added to main list yet):

Batgirl test film (10 minute test film for the Batgirl character on the 60s Batman series)

Bay City Rollers - 2 70s BBC documentaries on the band

Chris Isaak Show (Showtime series) - Just Us Kids (w/Paul Stanley of KISS)

Dolly (Dolly Parton's short 80s lived variety show) 1 ep. (Guests: Hulk Hogan, Dudley Moore, Pee Wee Herman, and Oprah)

Drawing from Nature (1976 educational show) - 1 ep.

I am the Greatest: The Adventures of Muhammad Ali - Volcano Island -- Superstar

I Created Lancelot Link (20 min. documentary on the creators of the 70s Simian Sat. morning show, Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp)

Incredibly Strange Film Show (UK doc. series on cult filmakers) - Sam Raimi

It's Garry Shandling's Show (80s Showtime series) - No Baby, No Show (ep. 18 w/Tom Petty, Susan Anton, and Doc Severenson) -- Save the Planet (ep. 29 w/The Turtles and Kurtwood Smith)

J.T. (late 60s tv adaption of classic teen book - also aired as part of the CBS Children's Film Festival)

Jabberwocky (mid 70s syndicated educational series) - 1 ep.

Just Say Julie (late 80s MTV comedy/video w/Julie "Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun" Brown) - 1st two eps.

Late Show w/Joan Rivers (mid 80s Fox late night talk show) - Debut episode w/guests: David Lee Roth, Pee Wee Herman, Elton John, & Cher

Magic Garden - 2002 Reunion special + 2 regular episodes

Mad TV Claymation Compilation (90 minutes of claymation segments from Mad TV)

Rutland Television Weekend (first 5 eps. of 70s Monty Python spinoff series)

Superboy (late 80s/early 90s live action): Mr. and Mrs. Superboy -- Programmed for Death -- The Power of Evil

Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog (2 hours + concert/comedy show from Irving Plaza in NYC 2002, w/guests: Max Weinberg 7, Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore, Kurt Loder, Jared from Subway, Steve from the Dell Computer Ads, Will Ferrell + more - very odd)

Upright Citizen's Brigade (late 90s Comedy Central series) - Bucket of Truth (ep. 1)

Whitney and the Robot (late 70s live action syndicated kids show) - Laryngitis -- Planning -- Mr. Bucci

Rare Movies:

It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy (70s tv movie with Paul Sorvino & Joanna "Isis" Cameron - very un-PC)
Puma Man
Turkish Star Trek
Turkish Star Wars
Whiz Kid and the Carnival Caper (70s Wonderful World of Disney tv movie)
Whiz Kid and the Mystery at Riverton (70s Wonderful World of Disney tv movie)

Misc. Videos

TV Carnage Vol. 1-3 (Compilation of goofy tv bits, each runs 70 - 90 minutes - quality varies from clip to clip)


Video List

TV Shows/Specials:

ABC Afterschool Specials (none have commercials or ABC intros):
Amazing Cosmic Awareness of Duffy Moon (2/4/76)
Andrea' Story: A Hitchhiking Tragedy (12/7/83)
Bridge of Adam Rush (10/23/74)
Cindy-Eller: A Modern Fairy Tell (10/9/85)
Color of Friendship (11/11/81)
Day My Kid Went Punk (10/21/87)
Dinky Hocker (12/12/79)
Gaucho (10/25/78)
Great Love Experiment (2/8/84)
Hand Me Down Kid (10/5/83)
Heartbreak Winner (2/13/80)
Hero Who Couldn't Read (1/9/84)
It's a Mile from Here to Glory (5/5/78)
It's No Crush, I am in Love (9/21/83)
Matter of Time, A (2/11/81)
Movie Star's Daughter (10/10/79)
My Mother Was Never a Kid (3/18/81)
My Mom's Having a Baby (live action w/animation from De Patie/Freleng) (2/16/77)
New York City Too Far From Tampa Blues
Pinballs (10/26/77)
PJ and the President's Son (11/10/76)
Pssst! Hammerman's After You (1/16/74)
Rag Tag Champs (3/22/78)
Sara's Summer of the Swans (10/12/74)
Schoolboy Father (/81)
Seven Wishes of Joanna Peabody (9/9/78)
Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid
She Drinks a Little (/81)
Starstruck (10/14/81)
Stoned (/80)
Very Good Friends (77)
Wave, The (/81)
What are Friends For? (/82)
Where Do Teenagers Come From (follow up to My Mom's Having a Baby with similar format)
Which Mother is Mine (aka My Other Mother - 9/26/79)

ABC Saturday Preview Special (1983 thirty minute special about the new season of kids' shows)

ABC Saturday Superstar Movie
Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park
Brady Kids at Mysterious Island
Daffy Duck & Porky Pig Meet the Groovy Ghoolies (2 versions: one in b & w w/o/c, UK version in color w/different scenes)
Lassie and the Spirit of Thunder Mountain
Lost in Space
Mad, Mad, Mad Monster Party
The Man Who Hated Laughter (in color and with intros/closing credits and original Schoolhouse Rock)
Tabitha & Adam & the Clown Family
Willie Mays and The Say-Hey Kid (scrolling problem on this episode)

ABC Weekend Special (none have commercials or ABC intros unless noted):
Arthur the Great
Big Hex of Little Lulu
Cap'n O.G. Readmore meets Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde
Contest Kid
Contest Kid Strikes Again
Ghost of Thomas Kempe (/79)
Girl with E.S.P. (with closing ABC host footage)
Gold Bug (w/ Anthony Michael Hall)
Haunted Mansion Mystery (9/10-17/83)
Henry Hamilton, Graduate Ghost
Little Lulu
My Dear Uncle Sherlock (4/16/77)
Notorius Jumping Frog of Calveras County (/81)
Ransom of Red Chief (10/22/77)
Red Room Riddle
Revenge of Red Chief (12/15/79)
Soup for President
Trouble with Miss Switch
Winged Colt (/78)
Zack and the Magic Factory

Adventures of Captain Marvel (movie serial)

Adventures of Superman (3 ep.)
Superman on Earth -- Panic in the Sky -- The Wedding Of Superman

Aesop's Fables (30 minute Filmation tv special from 71, with Bill Cosby and animated sequences)

Alice in Wonderland (60 min Hanna Barbera animated special from 3/30/66 w/voices of Sammy Davis, Jr., Zsa Zsa Gabor, and many HB regulars)

Alley Oop (from Fabulous Funnies - 1 ep.)
That's Life

Almost Home (2 ep. - both w/Alyson Hannigan from Buffy)
The Dance -- Hot Ticket

American Bandstand - 4 eps.
Sparks & Eddie Money (8/28/82 w/o/c) -- 12-20-80 Connie Francis & Billy Burnett (12/20/80 - w/o/c) -- Flock Of Seagulls (03-07-82 w/o/c) -- Hall & Oates (10-16-82 w/o/c)

America's Top 10 X-mas Special (1981 hour long special)

Animals, Animals, Animals (late 70s/early 80s ABC Sunday morning show, hosted by Hal Linden - 6 ep.)
The Hound -- The Cat -- Apes -- Horse -- Butterfly -- Eagle

Ann-Margaret Smith Special (1975 special w/guests: Bay City Rollers, Sid Caesar, and Michel Legrand)

Aquaman (60s animated - 8 ep.)
Where Lurks the Fisherman -- The Microscopic Monster -- Mephisto's Marine Marauders -- The War of the Quatrix and the Bimphars -- Onslaught of the Octomen -- Treacherous is the Torpedo Man -- Trio of Terror -- To Catch a Fisherman

Aquaman ( low budget pilot/student film)

Archies (most/all of the segments, some from Odyssey)

Archie's Funhouse (most/all of the shows, from Odyssey)

Archie's TV Funnies (most/all of the shows, some from Odyssey)

Ark II (14 ep. - need the Lottery episode))
The Flies -- The Rule -- The Tank -- The Slaves -- The Balloonn -- Omega -- Wild Boy -- The Robot -- The Cryogenic Man -- The Rule -- Robin Hood -- The Drought -- The Mind Group -- The Balloon -- Don Quixote

Around the World in 80 Days (70s NBC animated - 1ep.)
Unknown Title(London??)

Automan (short lived 80s sci fi w/Desi Arnez, Jr.)
Pilot/TV movie (90 minutes) + others from Sci Fi

Baggy Pants & the Nitwits (77 animated NBC series - 1 ep.)
Horse Laff (BP) -- The Chicken Lady (Nitwits)

Ballad of Smokey, The Bear (James Cagney narrated Rankin/Bass special from 1966)

Banana Splits - ( 1st ep. 60 minute version w/time code + some from Cartoon Network/Boomerang)

Banana Splits Documentary (mockumentary on the classic HB "band" - 20 min.)

Banana Splits Presentation Reel (15/20 min. footage of the .)

Banana Splits in Hocus Pocus Park (segment from ABC Saturday Superstar Movie)

Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters (Krofft produced variety show - 1 ep.)
1981 Thanksgiving Show w/Statler Brothers & US Airforce Cadet Chorale (w/o/c)

Barrier Reef (28 episodes of this Aus. import that aired on Saturday mornings on NBC in 71)

Batman (60s animated - 12 min. each segment)
How Many Herrings in a Wheelbarrow? -- A Bird in the Hand -- From Catwoman with Love -- The 1001 Faces of the Riddler -- The Cool, Cruel Mr. Freeze -- Freeze's Frozen Vikings -- Long John Joker -- A Mad, Mad Tea Party -- Opera Buffa -- The Great Screcrow Scare -- 2 Penguins Too Many -- Partners In Peril (I & II) -- Bubi, Bubi, Who's Got the Ruby (I & II) -- The Crime Computer (I & II) -- Game of Cat & Mouse (I & II) -- Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up (I & II)

Batman, New Adventures of (70s Filmation animated - all eps/uncut.)

Batmania (45 min. documentary on Batman)

Battle of the Network Stars
#6 (5/7/79 - w/o/c) -- #7 (11/2/79 w/o/c - some jumpiness) -- #? (11/3/83 )

Battle of the Planets (6 eps.)

Bay City Rollers - Behind the Music

Bay City Rollers - Remember (1999 BBC documentary on the group)

Bay City Rollers Meet the Saturday Superstars (1978 NBC Saturday morning preview show with Joe Namath, Scott Baio and Eric Estrada - w/o/c)

Bay City Rollers Show (3 ep. + misc. footage from other eps.)

Bay City Rollers - have hours of tv appearances/video clips/concert footage

BB Beagle - failed late 70spilot for a Muppet like series from Hanna Barbera, hosted by Joyce DeWitt

BBC Christmas Blooper Reels: Little Parcels (1980)

Beatles cartoons (2 hours worth of eps.)

Ben Stiller Show (Fox version - 12 ep. w/o/c)

Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince (Early 80s live action Saturday morning - 6 ep.)
UFO* -- Ghost Town* -- Goodbye to Earth* -- Ghost Town -- Puppy Love -- Double Trouble -- Call Home
* = w/some commercials intact and some credits missing

Beyond Westworld (short lived tv version of Westworld)
Westworld Destroyed (w/o/c)

Big Blue Marble (syndicated 70s kids show - 1 ep.)

Big Chuck and Lil' John (60 minute best of compilation from Cleveland horror show hosts w/an appearance by Ghoulardi)

Big John, Little John (1976 live action Saturday morning - 3 eps.)
Big Scare, Little Scare -- ??? -- ??? (Big Game?)

Bigfoot and Wildboy (9 ep.)
Outlaw Bigfoot -- Eye of the Mummy -- Birth of the Titan -- Space Prisoner -- The Secret Invasion -- The Black Box -- UFO -- White Wolf -- Return of the Vampire

Bing Crosby's Merrie Olde Christmas (11/30/77 w/David Bowie, the Crosby Family, & Twiggy)

Birds of Prey (unaired pilot, w/Sherilyn Fenn as Harley Quinn)

Bizarre! (Early 80s comedy series from Canada with John Byner. Unedited 30-minute versions with nudity and swearing from Showtime) - 4 eps.

Blackstar (13 ep.)
The Mermaid of Serpent Sea -- Lightning City of the Clouds -- The Air Whales of Anchor -- Search for the Starsword -- The Lord of Time -- The Quest -- Kingdom of Neptul -- Tree of Evil -- The Crown of the Sorceress -- City of the Ancient Ones -- Space Wreckers -- Overlord's Big Spell -- Zombie Masters

Blankety Blanks (game show hosted by Bill Cullen) (1 episode)
4/21/75 (premiere w/ Anne Meara and William Shatner)

Blue Angels in Razor Sharp (30 minute documentary on the Blue Angels, directed, narrated and co hosted by Jo Anna "Isis" Cameron, with Roger Stabauch as co host)

Bob Hope Christmas Special (12/19/77 w/o/c) w/Perry Como, Mark Hamill, and Olivia Newton John

Brady Bunch Variety Hour (4 ep.)
11/28/76 - Pilot w/Tony Randall and Donny & Marie
3/4/77 - Vincent Price and H.R. Pufnstuf
3/21/77 - Charo, Hudson Brothers, and Rip Taylor
3/28/77 - Rich Little, Edgar Bergen, and Melanie

Brady Kids (animated - 19 ep.)
Jungle Bungle (1 & 2) -- Double Trouble -- Who Believes in Ghosts? -- Cindy's Super Friend -- Long Gone Silver -- Pop Goes the Mynah -- Who Was that Dog? -- It Ain't Necessarily Snow -- A Funny Thing Happaned on the Way to the Football Field -- That Was No Worthy Opponent, That Was My Sister -- You Took the Words Right Out of My Tape -- Give Me a Home Where the Panda Bears Roam -- It's All Greek To Me -- The Big Time -- Teacher's Pet* -- Marcia's
Lib* -- Ceiling Zero*   * = from 16 mm, not TV Land

Branded (60s series with Chuck Connors - 5 ep.)
Survival -- The Mission (Parts 1 & 2) -- A Proud Town -- Kellie

Broom Hilda (from Fabulous Funnies, see also Archie's TV Funnies)
Flying High

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (all eps. + misc related interviews,commercials, other appearances, etc..)

Bugaloos (6 ep.)
Firefly, Light My Fire -- Courage Comes Home -- The Great Voice Robbery -- Our Home is Our Hassle -- The Love Bugaloos -- Benita's Double Trouble

California Fever (short lived 79 series with Jimmy McNichol and Lorenzo Lamas)
Pilot (California Fever)

Callahan (unsold 1982 pilot w/Jamie Lee Curtis)

Carpenters at Christmas (12/9/77 special w/Harvey Korman & Kristy McNichol - w/o/c)

Carpenters' Christmas Portrait (12/?/78 w/Gene Kelly, Kristy & Jimmy McNichol, and Georgia Engel)

Cartoon Commercials (2 hour compilation from 50 - 70s)

Captain America (1966 - 3 eps.)
The Origin of Captain America -- The Sentinel and the Spy -- The Red Skull Lives

Captain America (70s tv movie/failed pilot based on Marvel Comics hero)

Captain & Tenille in New Orleans: 4/3/78 special w/Hal Linden,Fats Domino, and John Byner (w/o/c)

Captain Kangaroo (12/8/84 episode - w/o/c)

Captain Nice (60s superhero comedy - 1 ep. w/o/c)
Is Big Town Burning?

Catch a Rising Star's 10th Anniversary Special (1 hour special w/Andy Kaufman, Gabe Kaplan, Joe Piscopo, Pat Benatar, and more)

CBS Schoolbreak Special/Afternoon Playhouse (CBS's version of the Afterschool Special - no CBS intros):
Ace Hits the Big Time (4/2/85)
Day They Came to Arrest the Book, The
Revenge of the Nerd (aka Battle of the Bullies) (4/19/83)

Changing (1979 PBS series about young adults with problems - six 15 minute segments)

Cheers (2 episodes from 5/83 w/o/c)

Cheryl Ladd: Scenes from a Special (1982 variety special w/Carol Burnett, Rick Springfield, Billy Barty, and Lou Ferrigno as the Incredible Hulk)

Circus Boy (50s series featuring future Monkee Micky Dolenz - 2 ep.)
Joey and the Clown -- Lady and the Circus

Class of 96 (93 Fox series - all - w/o/c)

Classic Commercials I-IV (compilations of commercials from the 50s-70s)

Clyde Frog Show (2 eps. of mid 70s PBS low budget educational puppet show )

Coronet Blue (short lived 60s series)
A Dozen Demons (w/o/c b/w) -- The Rebels -- Six Months Till Mars

Couch Potatoes (1988/1989 tv related game show hosted by Marc Summers - 1 ep.)
Guests /Noel Neill & Jaack Larson (from Superman)

Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse (1 hr. of eps.)

Daffy Duck & Porky Pig Meet the Groovy Ghoolies (from the ABC Saturday Superstar Movie)
(2 versions - b & w w/o/c & UK version in color)

Dance Fever X-mas Special (early 80s, missing a bit of ending credits - w/o/c)

Danger Island (4 hr compilation of all of the Banana Splits segments)

Danger Mouse (80s British cartoon)
The Oddball Runaround -- Return of Count Duckula -- Public Enemy No. 1 -- Die Laughing -- Day of the Suds -- 150 Million Years Lost -- Rogue Robots

Danger Team (unsold 1991 ABC pilot)

Dark Skies (most - w/o/c)

Davey and Goliath (9 15 minute segments + more from Odyssey)
Waterfall -- Boy Lost -- Silver Mine -- Who's George -- Whatshisname? -- Sudden Storm -- Bell Ringer -- The Shoemaker - The Runaway

David Letterman Morning Show (3 ep.)
10/23/80 w/Steve Allen (w/o/c) -- 10/24/80 w/Edwin Newman & Rich Hall (final show - w/o/c) + 1 more ep.

DC Follies (4 eps.)
Don King & Mike Tyson -- Greg Louganis -- Whoopi Goldberg --

DC Superhero Cartoons (60s - all except JLA have original openings)
Teen Titans: The Monster Machine -- The Spacebeast Roundup -- Operation Rescue
JLA: Target Earth -- Bad Day on Black Mountain
The Atom: The House of Doom -- Invasion of the Beetlemen -- The Plantmaster
The Flash: Take a Gaint Step -- The Chemo Creature -- To Catch a Blue Bolt
Green Latern: Sirena, Empress of Evil -- Evil is as Evil Does -- The Vanishing World
Hawkman: The 23rd Dimension -- Peril from Pluto -- A Visit to Venus

Deal: The Making of "Let's Make a Deal" (90 minute doc. on the creation of the classic game show)

Demonstrations in Physics with Julius Sumner Miller (15 minute PBS scientific show for kids from early 70s - 1 ep.)

Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years 1979 (hosted by Eric Estrada & Lauren Tewes, with Village People, Chuch Magione, and more - w/o/c)

Dick Tracy (60s live action pilot)

Different Strokes (1 ep. w/ early 80scommercials)

Do Do, The Kid from Outer Space (UK cartoon from mid 60s)

Don Adams Screen Test (70s syndicated comedy/game show - 1 hour pilot)

11/22/83 on Shock Jocks w/Howard Stern, Jonathan Brandmeier, Larry Lujack, and Dick Biondi (w/o/c, but no opening credits)

Donald Duck's 50th Birthday Special (1984 hour special hosted by Dick Van Dyke with guests Bruce Jenner, John Ritter, Kenny Rogers, Donna Summer, Andy Warlhol, CP30 & R2D2, among others - w/o/c)

Donny and Marie Show (3 ep.)
#7: Bob Hope, Kate Smith, Chuck Norris, Lee Majors (cameo) and the Osmond Brothers
#14: Don Knotts, Michael Landon, Billy Barty and the Osmond Brothers
#??: Kris Kristopherson, Redd Foxx, Paul Lynde and Star Wars characters (ending cut)

Doug Henning's World of Magic (1978 special w/Brooke Shields & Tom Bosley)

Dr. Duck's Super Secret All-purpose Sauce (90 minute compilation of skits made for Mike Nesmith's Television Parts with Garry Shandling, Jay Leno, Jimmy Buffet, Bobcat Goldthwait)

Dr. Shrinker (7 ep.)
Pardon Me, King Kong -- The Other Brad -- Shake Up -- Shrinkie Sale -- Sands Document (1 & 2) -- Slowly I Turn

Drak Pack (1 ep.)
Color Me Dreadful

Dungeons and Dragons (1 ep. + others from recent Fox reruns)
In Search of the Dungeon Master

Dusty's Treehouse (1 ep. late 70s/early 80s syndicated kids show)

E! True Hollywood Story: Sid and Marty Krofft

8th Man (early 60s b & w anime - 5 eps.) - Dr. Spectra -- Evil Jaw and the Devil Germs -- Baron Stormy -- Attack of the Horrible Honey Bees -- Pounce, the Robot Tiger

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (7 ep.)
Ali Babba -- The Sorcerer -- Return of the Sorcerer -- Glitter Rock -- Empress of Evil -- Spider Lady -- The Pharaoh

Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (2001 failed pilot for an updated, even campier version of classic Krofft show, with Markie Post as EW)

Electric Company (14 ep. - 12 in color (4 w/Spiderman) and 3 in b/w)

Emergency + 4 (1973 Sat. morning animated version of prime time series) - S.O.S. + edited super 8 version of several eps (super 8s are jumpy/faded)

Entertainment Tonight (2 eps.)
(7/82 w/o/c) -has stories on the Dukes of Hazzard recasting and Valley Girls, featuring an interview with Moon Unit Zappa -- (1/11/84 episode - w/o/c)

Ernie Kovacs Show (Best of - 2 eps).

Fabulous Funnies (6 eps. + others)
Safety Second -- Comic-ition -- Yeah, but Would You Want Your Sister to Marry an Artist? -- Save our World -- Bods and Clods -- Different Jokes for Different Folks
Alley Oop - That's Life
Broom Hilda - Flying High

Fall Preview Commercials (70 minute compilation of Network promos from 70s - 90s)

Fall Preview Specials - ABC 74: You and Me and ABC -- ABC 78: We're the One -- CBS 74: See the Best w/Ted Knight as Ted Baxter

Fantastic Four (1960s Hanna Barbera version - 3 eps.)
The Way It All Began -- Menace of the Mole Man -- Galactus (b & w w/o/c)

Fantastic Four (1978 version - 3 ep.)
The Impossible Man -- Meet Dr. Doom -- Olympics of Space

Fantastic Journey (all eps.)
Vortex (pilot ep. w/ late 80s commercials) - all other eps. from Sci Fi

Fantastic Voyage (Filmation animated - 2 ep.)
Atomic Invaders -- Mind of the Master

Far Out Space Nuts (Krofft series with Bob "Gilligan" Denver - 11 ep.)
It's All In Your Mind -- Flight of the Pippets -- Galaxy's Greatest Athlete -- Dangerous Game -- Barney Begonia -- Destination Earth -- The Chrystallites --
Birds of a Feather -- Robots of Pod -- Fantastic Journey -- Tower of Tagot

Fast Times (tv version of Fast Times at Ridgemont High - 5 eps. - 4 w/o/c)

Fat Albert (13 ep.+ Halloween ep. + Odyssey airings )
Vol. 1 - 4 -- Hot Rod -- Halloween Special -- (a bunch from Odyssey)

Fat Albert (edited episodes for use in schools - 12 eps.):
The Hero: Cool or Fool? -- Going Into Business -- Do Your Job Right -- Write a Poem -- Share Your Feelings -- Signs are for Safety -- TV or Not TV -- A Christmas Story -- Folktales -- Kids and Alcohol Don't Mix -- Heart Attack: Save a Life!

Federal Follies (collection of campy/cheezy gov't. produced films - 2 one hour volumes)

Felix, the Cat (hour long compilation of shorts)
In Outer Space

Flash Gordon (Filmation animated version - 16 serialized 30 min. eps./5 twelve minute eps.)
A Planet In Peril -- Monsters Of Mongo -- Vultan, King Of The Hawkmen -- To Save Earth -- The Beast Men's Prey -- Into The Water -- Adventure In Arboria -- The Frozen Woorld -- Monster Of Glacier -- Blue Magic -- King Flash! -- Ming's Tournament Of DDeath -- Castaways In Tropica -- The Desert Hawk -- Revolt Of The Power Men -- Ming's Last Battle + 5 twelve minute eps.

Flash Gordon: the Greatest Adventure of All! (90 min. Filmation tv movie w/extra footage)

Force, The (failed late 90s police drama pilot with Jamie Lunar)

Fraidy Cat (animated segment from Uncle Croc's Block)
an hours worth of shorts + 5 ep. of the Groovie Goolies and Friends with 1 FC segment per ep.)

Free Spirit (2 ep.)
Free Spirit (pilot) -- The Bosses are Coming

Free to Be You and Me (70s Marlo Thomas kids special - not from TV Land)

Freedom Force (5 ep.)
The Dragon Riders -- The Scarlet Samurai -- The Plant Soldiers -- Morgana's Revenge -- The Robot

Fridays (2 ep.)
Andy Kaufman/Sir Douglas Quintet ( w/some o/c) -- Andy Kaufman & Pretenders

Galatica 1980 (3 hour pilot film for Battlestar Galatica spin off)

Get a Life (21 ep. from original broadcasts, Cinemax specials, & some USA reruns)
Unaired Pilot (same as Hell Loop, but with June Lockhart as Chris's mother) -- Hell Loop 2000 -- Prettiest Week of my Life -- The Sitting -- Bored Straight -- Zoo Animals on Wheels -- Roots -- Counterfeit Watch -- Chris vs. Donald -- Chris Wins a Celebrity -- Houseboy 2000 -- Married -- Camping 2000 -- Construction Worker Show -- The Big CCity -- Neptune 2000 -- Chris & Larry Switch Lives -- Psychic 2000 -- Chris Moves Out -- Larry on the Loose -- Meat Locker 2000 -- Health Inspector 2000 -- Chris's Brain

Ghost Busters (70s Filmation live action - 10 ep.)
The Maltese Monkey -- The Cantorville Ghost -- Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf -- Vampire Apprentice -- The Vikings Have Landed -- They Went Thataway -- Merlin the Magician -- Hyde and Go Seek -- Only Ghosts Have Wings -- Dr. Whatshisname

(Original) Ghostbusters (80s Filmation animated - 1 ep.)
Revenge of Prime Evil

Ghost Story (70s horror anthology)
The New House (rare unsyndicated pilot - no end credits)

GI Joe
The M.A.S.S. Device (100 minute movie/pilot for the series)

Gigglesnort Hotel (Chicago kids' show from late 70s - 2 ep.)
Beauty of Silence -- Following Directions

Gilligan's Planet (1 ep.)
Let Sleeping Minnows Lie

Girl from U.N.C.L.E. (2 ep. w/commercials from mid 80s)
The Petit Prix Affair -- The Phi Beta Killer Affair

Goober and the Ghost Chasers (one of Hanna Barbera's Scooby Doo-like mystery series from the 70s - 1 ep.)
The Headless Horseman (guest Wilt Chamberlain)

Goldie Gold and Action Jack (early 80s Ruby Spears cartoon)
Island of Terror -- Revenge of the Ancient Astronaut -- Night of the Crystal Skull -- Red Dust of Doom

Great Space Coaster (hour compilation from early 80s syndicated kids' show with guests Mark Hammil & Valerie Harper)

Greatest Shows You Never Saw (one hour 96 special featuring footage from unsold pilots)

Groovie Goolies (12 eps, plus an additional ep. with King Arthur, a Filmation pilot, and Haunted Heist, which features the live action bit from Daffy and Porky meet the GG)

Groovie Goolies and Friends (Syndicated package of Filmation shows - 11 ep.)
New Adventures of Gilligan - Olympiad -- Silence is Leaden -- Moderation -- Great Train Robbery -- The Ego Trip
Fraidy Cat/Wacky and Packy/M.U.S.H. - (5 ep. - each ep has 1 of each segment)
Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty (5 ep.)

Halloween That Almost Wasn't (10/30/79 horror 1/2 hr special w/Mariette Hartley, Judd Hirsch, Henry Gibson, and John Schuck)

Hardy Boys (6 eps. of Filmation's animated version)

Hardy Boys Mysteries (24 ep.)
Mystery of King Tut's Tomb -- The House on Possessed Hill -- Mystery on the Avalanche Express -- Campus Terror -- The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula (2 parter) -- Arson and Old Lace (w/Nancy Drew) -- Life on the Line -- Dangerous Waters --Last Kiss of Summer -- The Mystery of the Flying Courier -- Search for Atlantis -- Wipe Out -- The Mystery of the Jade Kwan Yin -- Strange Fate of Flight 608 -- The Creature Who Came on Sunday/Oh Say Can You Sing (2 parter) -- Acapulco Spies -- Mystery of the Silent Scream -- Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom (2 parter w/Nancy Drew) -- Mystery of the African Safari -- Mystery of Witches Hollow -- The Flickering Torch Mystery

Harlem Globetrotters' Popcorn Machine (2 ep. in b/w w/o/c)
Tom Bosley (guest) -- Ted Knight (guest)

Heat Vision & Jack (really funny/odd late 90s failed pilot produced by Ben Stiller, staring Jack Black, Ron Silver, and the voice of Owen Wilson)

Hee Haw (2 hour compilation, half from 70s, half from 80s)

Here Come the Double Deckers (16 eps. + reunion on French television)
The Go Karters -- A Helping Hound -- Invaders from Space -- Barney -- Man's Best Friend -- United We Stand -- Up to Scratch -- A Hit for a Miss -- The Case of the Missing Doughnut -- Get a Movie On --Starstruck -- Happy Haunting -- Summer Camp -- The Pop Singer -- Scooper Strikes Out -- Robbie, the Robot

Here Comes the Grump (one hour compilation of eps.)

Hello Larry (2 eps. w/o/c)

Hilarious House of Frightenstein (4 eps.)

Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (all eps.)

Hollywood X-mas Parade (1981 parade hosted by Bob Eubanks and Lee Meriwether - 2 hours w/some o/c but no intro)

Holmes & Yoyo - (pilot?) w/some o/c

Honey West (approx. 20 ep. - 4 not from TV Land)

Hot Dog ( from 1970 Saturday morning show starring Woody Allen, Jo Anne Worley, and Jonathan Winters, all from 16 mm)
Pilot (hour long with Tommy Smothers instead of Winters) - regular ep (30 minutes) + 16 four to eight minute segments

Hot Hero Sandwich (hour long educational/SNL-light Saturday morning series - 1 ep.)
Guests: Richard Pryor, Leonard Nimoy, Lorreta Lynn and Joe Jackson

Hot Wheels (2 ep. w/2 stories each)
The Winner -- Hot Head -- Ardeth the Demon -- Tough Cop

Houndcats (early 70s DePatie Freleng Sat. cartoon - 3 eps.) - They Call Me Mada in X Mission -- The Ruckus on the Rails Mission -- Is There a Doctor in the Greenhouse Mission

How to Make Funny Home Videos (1/2 hour 1991 humorous instructional home video starring Count Floyd from SCTV)

H R Pufnstuf (11 ep. & the movie)
The Magic Path -- The Wheely Bird -- Mechanical Boy -- The Stand In -- Show Biz Witch -- The Golden Key -- The Birthday Party -- Box Kite Kaper -- You Can't Have Your Cake -- Horse with a Golden Throat -- Book, Flute & Candle -- Mechanical Boy ( w/o/c from 16 mm, show is b & w, but commercials are in color) -- Escape Map ( w/o/c from 16 mm, show is b & w, but commercials are in color)

Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show (2 eps. b/w w/o/c)

Human Target (1990 unsold pilot based on DC comics character starring Rick Springfield)

Hypnotic Eye (Dallas access show featuring various psychotronic clips - 5 eps.)

I am the Greatest: Muhammad Ali (77 NBC Sat. mornign cartoon series - 2 eps.) - Werewolf -- Terror of the Deep

Images & Things (very odd/trippy PBS educational series from early 70s)
Dreams & Fantasy -- Devils, Monsters, & Dragons -- Changing Your Looks -- Sea Images -- Spaces to Live In (all from 16 mm) + 2 more (non-16 mm)

Incredible Hulk (1981 animated version)
The Incredible Shrinking Hulk -- Tomb of the Unknown Hulk -- It Lives, It Grows, It Destroys

Inside O.U.T. (early 70s unsold pilot w/Farrah Fawcett)

Inspector (animated version of Inspector Clouseau from DePatie-Freleng - 5 six minute shorts)
Napoleon Blownn-Aparte -- Cirrhosis of the Louvre -- Reaux Reaux Reaux Your Boat -- Plastered in Paris -- Cock-a-doodle Deaux Deaux

Invaders (60s sci fi series) - Beachhead (extended version of pilot episode)

Iron Man (1966 version)
The Death of Tony Stark -- The Other Iron Man -- The Cliffs of Doom

Isis (all 22 ep.)
Lucky (*) -- The Funny Girl (*)(w/ Captain Marvel) -- Year of the Dragon -- Now You See It...--...And Now You Don't (2 parts w/ Captain Marvel)-- Fool's Dare (*) -- Spots of the Leopard -- The Class Clown -- No Drums, No Trumpets -- The Hitchhiker -- The Lights of Mystery Mountain -- The Outsider -- Sound of Silence -- Dreams of Flight - Scuba Duba -- Girl Driver -- Cheerleader -- Showoff -- To Find a Friend -- Bigfoot -- Seeing Eye Horse -- Rockhound's Roost
* = Includes moral at end

It's Your Move (mid 80s sitcom - 1 ep.)

Jacksons (short lived 70s variety show with all of the Jackson brothers and sisters - 4 half hour episodes with guests Ed McMahon, Lynda Carter, David Letterman, Tim Conway, John Byner)

Jambo (late 60s Sat. morning psuedo-educational show featuring stories on animals, hosted by the stars of Daktari - 1 ep. (w/o/c))

James at 16 (late 70s teenage drama - 3 eps.)
Hunter Country -- Knocking Heads -- unknown title

James Paul McCartney Special (early 70s special featuring Wings, solo, and Beatles songs)

Jana of the Jungle (70s Hanna Barbera animated adventure series - 2 eps.)
Race for Life -- Countdown

Jason of Star Command (all eps., both seasons.)
1st season: Attack of the Dragon Ship -- Prisoner of Dragos -- Escape from Dragos -- Plunge to Destruction -- Wiki to the Rescue -- Planet of the Lost -- Marooned in Time -- Attack of the Dragons -- Peepo's Last Chance -- The Disappearing Man -- Haunted Planet -- Escape from Kesh -- Return of the Creature -- The Trojan Horse -- Victory of the Star Command

2nd season: Beyond the Stars! -- Secrets of the Ancients -- The Power of the Star Disks -- Through the Star Gate -- Mission to the Stars -- Little Girl Lost -- Face to Face -- Frozen in Space -- Phhantom Force -- Mission to the Stars -- Web of the Star Witch -- Mimi's Secret -- Battle for Freedom

Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash Special (1 hour MTV special)

John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas (12/10/75 special w/Valerie Harper, Olivia Newton-John, and Steve Martin (w/o/c))

John Lennon: The Dream is Over (CBS News Special Report from 12/9/80 - w/o/c followed by 1st 55 minutes of CBS Late Movie,"Lou Grant")

Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space (3 eps.)

Jot (trippy 5 minute religious cartoons from the late 60s - 2 hours worth of cartoons - complete? & upgraded) )

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2 eps. - Filmation)
Sleeping Slaves of Zeerah -- Return of Gulliver

Jukebox (cheezy 70's Solid Gold-like show with Twiggy w/o/c) (2 ep.)

Justice League of America (unaired pilot - European version w/more footage)

Kenny Everett Video Show (UK music/comedy series - 1 ep.)
w/musical guests Dusty Springfield, Elvis Costello, and the Police (w/o/c)

Kid Power (70s Rankin/Bass multicultural cartoon - 3 ep.)
Pain, Pain, Go Away -- Uncle Tom -- Teamwork

Kid Super Power Hour w/ Shazam (1982 Filmation live action/animation hybrid - 6 eps.)

Kidd Video (3 ep.)
Double Trouble -- Master Blaster Brat -- Pirates and Puzzles

Kids, Inc. (2 hours of cheezy 80s syndicated series, all with Jennifer Love Hewitt)
Karate Kids -- A Hard Date's Night -- P*lace Alone -- Teen Spotlight -- Pipe Dreams -- Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (only opening credits for first ep., no closing credits)

King Kong (60s animated - 1 ep.)
A Friend in Need (pilot)

Korg, 70,000 BC (Hanna Barbera live action caveman series - 6 eps.)
The Guide -- Magic Claws -- The Drought -- ?????

Kovacs (Documentary on Ernie Kovacs)

Krofft Supershow (1st ep - no end credits.)

Krofft Superstar Hour (1st ep. w/ orig. commercials)

Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp (most/all eps. from Nick/TV Land))

Land Of The Lost (Original series - all eps, from SciFi, except #28)

Lassie's Rescue Rangers (6 ep.)
Lost -- Lassie and the Spirit of Thunder Mountain (I & II)(from ABC Saturday Superstar Movie) -- The Rodeo - Hullabaloo in Hollywood -- Tidal Wave

Last Prom (80s Afterschool Special-like film about the horrors of reckless driving)

Laugh In (1 ep.- 30 minute version)
5th Anniversary show w/ Raquel Welch and cameos from Martin Milner and Kent McCord (Adam 12)

Laugh In Special (70s revival w/Robin Williams in the cast w/guests: Frank Sinatra, Cindy Williams, and Flip Wilson from 11/2/77 - w/o/c)

Leg Work (80s detective series w/ Margaret Colin and Francis McDormand - TV Land airings - 3 eps.)
Mystery Woman -- The Art Of Murder -- Blind Trust

Legends of the Superheroes (Bizzare live action pilots featuring DC heroes/villains - 2 ep.)
The Challenge -- The Roast

Letter People (70s PBS educational series using animation and puppets to teach kids the alphabet - each segment is approximately 15 minutes)
Sentences Pt. 2 -- Review of short vowels -- Review of consonants, squoosh -- Review of "c" and "k" -- Review of long sounds, silent "e" and vowels standing side-by-side -- Meet Mr. Y -- Y as a consonant and vowel -- Meet Mr. J -- How Mr. G got another sound -- Meet tthe Chewey, Cherry Choo-choo -- Meet the thing -- Wh and Sh -- The Hall of Fame, a review -- Double cooperation and the "ing" sound -- Silent "e" and the "ing" sound -- Words in two parts -- Words in three parts

Let's Break (1984 how to break dance video - 1 hour)

Lidsville (6 ep.)
World In A Hat -- Show Me The Way To Go Home -- Fly Now, Vacuum Later -- Weenie, Weenie, Where's Our Genie? -- Let's Hear it for Whizzo -- Take Me To Your Rabbit

Lindsay Wagner Special - Another Side Of Me (77 variety special)

Logan's Run (tv adaptation of 76 sci fi film - 3 ep.)
Pilot (90 minutes) -- Man Out of Time -- Crypt

Lone Ranger - compilation of old commercials, two episodes of the Clayton Moore series w/o/c and the first LR cartoon from the 30s.

Lone Ranger (60s animated - 6 ep.)
Town Tamers -- Curse of the Devil Dolls -- It Came from Below -- The Human Dynamo -- Mr. Happy -- Crack of Doom

Lone Ranger (Filmation - 7 ep.)
The Runaway -- The Memory Trap -- The Great Train Treachery -- Hanga, the Night Monster -- Tall Timber -- The Renegade -- Blowout

Lookwell (Unsold 30 minute pilot with Adam West from 92 - w/o/c)

Lost Saucer (6 ep.)
894x, I Love You -- The Tiny Years -- My Fair Robot -- Transylvania 2300 --Beautiful Downtown Atlantis -- Return to the Valley of the Chickaphants

Love on a Rooftop (60s sitcom - 1 ep.)

Lucan (4 eps of 1/2 hour syndicated version)
One-punch Wolfson -- Brother Wolf -- 2 parts from the pilot film

Lynda Carter Specials (hour long variety shows from the 70s/80s)
1st Special (with Kenny Rogers and Leo Sayer)
Encore (with Tom Jones and Merle Haggard )

Mad Magazine Special/Pilot (half hour show from1974)

Magic Garden (2 eps. of NY based kids show from the 70s - very low budget/campy)

Magic Mongo (5 ep.)
The Surfing Contest (I & II) -- Zap, You're In Love -- Teenage Werewolf -- Huli's Vacation

Magic of ABC (9/7/77 Fall preview special hosted by David Copperfield, with Donny and Marie Osmond, Dick Van Patton, Adam Rich, What's Happening cast, Abe Vigoda & other ABC stars - w/o/c)

Magic of David Copperfield (1979 special w/Loni Anderson, Bill Bixby, Valerie Bertinelli, and Robert Stack - no opening credits, only partial closing )

Make a Wish (2 15 min. eps. of 70s Sunday morning series)

Malibu Shores (2 hour premiere of short lived Aaron Spelling show with Keri Russell and Charisma Carpenter)

Man from Atlantis (3 tv movies and 5 eps)
Pilot/tv movie -- Death Scouts (2nd two hour tv movie) -- The Killer Spores (3rd two hour tv movie) -- Hawk of Mu -- Meltdown -- Giant -- Man O' War -- The Mudworm (w/o/c)

Mark Russell Comedy Special (30 minute PBS special from 1978/9)

Marlo and the Magic Movie Machine (compilation of episodes/clips from late 70s syndicated kids' show)

Masked Marvel (movie serial - all chapters)

Master, The (mid 80s action/ninja show - 10 ep.)
Max -- Fat Tuesday -- Out-of-Time Step -- State of the Unioon -- Juggernaut -- The Good, the Bad and the Priceless -- Kunoichi -- The Java Tiger -- Failure to Communicate -- A Place to Call Home

McDuff, the Talking Dog (1976 short lived Saturday morning live action series - 1 ep.)
Horse of Another Color (no opening credits)

Midnight Special
(1 ep hosted by Ted Nugent, with Aerosmith, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, and more w/o/c)

Mighty Heroes (12 seven minute episodes)
The Shrinker -- The Monsterizer -- The Plastic Blaster -- The Frog -- The Junker -- The Ghost Monster -- The Stretcher -- The Drifter -- The Shocker -- The Enlarger -- The Toy Man -- The Dusters

Mighty Mouse, The New Adventures (approx. 4 hours from the 87 Bakshi version)
Night on Bald Pate -- Mouse from Another House -- Me-Yowww! -- Witch Tricks -- Night of the Bat Bat -- Scrap-Happy -- The Ice Goose Cometh -- Pirates with Dirty Faces -- Heroes & Zeroes (w/Mighty Heroes) --Snow White and the Motor City Dwarves -- Don't Touch That Dial -- Day of the Mice --Still Oily After All These Years -- The Leage of Super Rodents -- Scrappy's Playhouse -- Mighty's Benifit Plan -- See You in the Funny Papers

Mike Douglas Show
11/9/76 - Guests - Jimmie Walker (co host), Kenny Rogers, Frank Zappa, Donny & Marie, Elayne Boosler, and the authors of "Whatever Happened To Class Of '65" (Michael Medved is one of them).

Mission: Magic (5 ep.)
The Giant Steppes (w/o/c) -- 2600 A.D. -- Land of Hyde and Go Seek -- Something Fishy -- Modran -- Dr. Astro (direct from 16 mm, episode in b & w, but commercials in color)

Mister T (animated adventures of Mr. T - 5 ep.)
Mystery of the Ghost Fleet (with time display) Mr. T - - Mystery of the Golden Medalion -- The Forbidden Monastary -- The Mind Thieves -- On the Rocky Mountain Express

Mister Terrific (60s superhero spoof)
Stanley the Safecracker

Monkees (various commercials, misc appearances, concerts, videos, etc..)

Monster Squad (70s live action kid show with Fred Grandy - 4 ep.)
The Astrologer -- The Skull -- The Music Man (no end credits) -- Albert/Alberta (no end credits)

Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley/Fonz Hour (1 ep. of 82 animated version w/o/ABC
bumpers, School House Rock, Time for Timer, and H.E.L.P. segments)

MST3K (2 ep.)
Master Ninja 1 -- Master Ninja 2

Mulligan Stew (very odd 70s educational series produced by the government featuring multi-ethnic kids learing/singing about good health - all 6 eps.)
The Racer That Lost His Edge -- Count down 4-4-3-2 -- Getting It All Together -- The Flim Flam Man -- Look Inside Yourself -- The Great Nutrition Turn On

Muppet Show (7 ep.)
Vincent Price -- Paul Williams -- Alice Cooper -- Elton John -- John Denver -- Star Warrs -- Steve Martin

M*U*S*H (animated MASH spoof from Uncle Croc's Block - an hour of shorts + 5 ep. of the Groovie Goolies and Friends with 1 M.U.S.H. segment per ep.)

The Music of Lennon and McCartney (1965 special hosted by Paul and John featuring various 60s artists performing Beatles' songs)

My Favorite Martians (Filmation's animated version - 5 eps.)
School Dance -- The Time Machine -- The Robot -- ?? -- ??

My Living Doll (2 eps. of 60s comedy series w/Julie Newmar)
Something Borrowed (w/o/c) -- Car Insurance (w/o/c)

Mystery Island (live action segment from the Skatebirds show - 10 segments)
A Matter of Gravity -- The Mind Blower -- Just Whistle for an Answer -- Sue's Courage -- Valley of Fire -- Sentinels of Time -- Who's Whom Here? -- Fate's Just a Dirty Trick -- Golden Birds of Prey -- Visions from Falconia

Nancy Drew Mysteries (7 ep.)
The Mystery of the Ghost Writer's Cruise -- Mystery of Pirates' Cove -- Mystery of the Fallen Angels -- Mystery of the Solid Gold Kicker -- A Haunting We Will Go -- Secret of the Whispering Walls - Mystery of the Diamond Triangle

NBC Big Event Movie
Farewell My Lovely with Robert Mitchum from summer 1979 airing w/o/c

NBC Special Treat (Their version of the Afterschool Special)
Big Henry and the Polka Dotted Kid

Nelvana Animation Specials (6 eps.)
Devil and Daniel Mouse -- Romie-O and Julie-8 -- A Cosmic Christmas -- Please Don't Eat the Planet -- Take Me Up To the Ballgame -- The Jack Rabbitt Story

Never Too Young ( 2 episodes of ABC Teen Soap w/Tony Dow & Tommy Rettig)
9/27/65 (First episode w/o/c) -- 6/24/66 (Last episode w/o/c)

New Adventures of Batman (late 70s Filmation series - complete, uncut series from recent regional WB airings)

New Adventures of Beans Baxter (1 ep.)

New Adventures of Gilligan (from the Groovie Goolies and Friends syndication package - 5 ep.)
The Olympiad -- Silence is Leaden -- Moderation -- Great Train Robbery -- The Ego Trip --- Father of His Island -- Wrong Way Robot -- Looney Moon -- Opening Night -- Off Limits

New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1968 prime time Hanna Barbera live action/animated series) - The Eye of Doorgha (w/original beginning credits)

New Avengers (all eps)

New Micky Mouse Club (70s version - 7 ep.)

New Pink Panther Show - (1 ep.)
In the Pink of the Night (Pink Panther) -Technology, Phooey (Ant & the Aardvark) - Super Pink (PP)

New Monkees (3 ep. + various misc. tv appearances/interviews)
Unaired pilot -- Aired pilot -- All My Martys

The New People (1 ep.)
The New People (pilot/1st ep.)

New Zoo Review (5 ep.)
Manners - ????

Osmond Family Christmas (1978 special w/Roy Clark and David Copperfield)

Osmonds (1 ep. in b/w w/o/c, 2 eps. in color)
Paris -- ?? -- ??

Our Time (Nostalgia variety show from mid-80s, hosted by Karen Valentine - 2 eps. w/o/c)
#?? - w/John Sebastian, Donna Pescow, Desi Arnez Jr., Jerry Seinfeld, and various 50s/60s veterans in cameo roles
#?? - w/Don Grady, Tim Considine, Harry Anderson, Johnny Rivers, and various 50s/60s veterans in cameo roles

Partidge Family/My Three Sons Thanksgiving Reunion (11/77 60m special w/almost all original cast members)

Password Plus (game show hosted by Allen Ludden)
5/29/79 (w/Marion Ross and David Letterman)
?/?/79 (w/Debralee Scott and Wesley Eure)

Paul Lynde Halloween Special (10/29/76 w/Margaret Hamilton (as the Wicked
Witch), Billie Hayes (as Witchiepoo), Florence Henderson, Roz Kelly, Betty White & KISS!)

Peppermint Place: A Look Back (Final episode/retrospective on long running Dallas local kids show)

Peter Gunn (50s detective series - 4 eps)
Keep Smiling -- The Feathered Doll --Death Across the Board --Death is a Red Rose

Peeping Times (1978 comedy special starring David Letterman - w/o/c)

Phoenix, The (short lived, early 80s sci fi - 2 eps)
Pilot (uncut foreign showing) -- In Search of Mira

Picture Pages (2 1/2 hours of segments)

(Think?) Pink Panther Show (one of the 70s-era 1/2 hour eps. W/live action opening, w/o/c, but no true end credits)
Prehistoric Pink -- Reaux, Reaux, Reuax Your Boat (Inspector) -- Come On In, the Water's Pink

Poochinski (unsold pilot about a talking dog/cop that aired NBC 7-9-90 - w/o/c)

Power Pack (80s unsold pilot based on Marvel Comics characters)

Pryor's Place (8 ep.)
Voyage to the Planet of the Dumb -- Sax Education -- Too Old Too Soon, Too Smart Too Late -- To Catch a Little Thief -- Cousin Rita -- High Noon at 5:30 -- Kimosabe Blues -- Raiders of the Lost Art -- Home Free

Quark (late 70s sci fi spoof - 2 eps.)
Pilot -- May The Source Be With You

Que Pasa, USA? (4 eps. of late 70s PBS bilingual sitcom)

Queen Latifa Show - 2000 ep. on former child actors w/Emmanuel Lewis (Webster), Tina Yothers (Family Ties), Robbie Rist (Brady Bunch & Big John,Little John), and more

Ransom of Red Chief (late 70s kids 30 minute short featuring Robbie Rist and Harry Dean Stanton)

Red Hand Gang (77 live action Saturday morning series - 1 ep.)
The Man In The Mask

Remote Control (from mid 90s reruns - 2 eps.)
Susan Olsen tribute show (1988) -- Brady ep. with Susan Olsen, Barry Williams,
& Eve Plumb (9/23/89 w/closing credits missing)

Return of Bruno (Spinal Tap-like mockumentary featuring Bruce Willis from HBO in 87)

Return of the Planet of the Apes (animated version - all 13 eps., not from Sci Fi)

Return to Oz (60s Rankin/Bass animated special)

Riddlers (unsold 70s game show pilot hosted by David Letterman- 1 ep.)

Rocket Boy (1984 part comedy series produced by SCTV alumnus - 3 eps.)
Episodes 3 - 5

Rocket Robin Hood (4 eps.)
Dementia Five -- Lord of the Shadows -- From Menace to Menace -- Don't Make A Sound

Rod Rocket (cartoon segments from Lou Scheimer of Filmation, right before starting Filmation)

Romper Room and Friends (30 - 45 minute mid 80 compilations of classic kids' show)
Go to the Zoo -- Movement and Rhythm -- Playful Projects

Rubik, the Amazing Cube (5 ep.)
Rubik in Wonderland -- Rubik and the Buried Treasure -- Rubik and the Pooch-Nappers -- Saturday Night Rubik -- Rubik's First Christmas

Run, Joe, Run (4 ep. of 70s Saturday morning live action Fugitive take off)

Saturday Night Live (7 ep.)
Kevin Spacey/Beck (w/o/c) -- Rob Lowe/Spice Girls -- (w/o/c) -- Sarah Michelle Gellar/Portishead (w/o/c) -- Steve Martin & Blues Brothers (4/22/78 - n/c) -- Bill Murray/Spinners - Dec. 12, 1981 (from December 82 rebroadcast w/o/c)-- Robert Culp/Charlie Daniels Band - Apr. 24, 1982 (from summer 82 rebroadcast w/o/c)-- Olivia Newton John May 22, 1982 - (from summer 82 rebroadcast w/o/c) + several more from 82 & 83 broadcasts
Things We Did Last Summer (1977 comedy special showing what the SNL cast did that summer)

Saturday Supercade (80s cartoon versions of video games - w/o/c - 1 ep.):
Frogger - Spaced Out Frog/Donkey Kong - Gorilla My Dreams/Q Bert - Crazy
Camp Creature/ Donkey Kong Jr. - Teddy Bear Scare

Sci-Fi Television (90 min.) (Documentary w/various clips from 50s - 90s)

SCTV (2 ep. of 1/2 hour syndicated versions)
Battle of the Network Stars -- Polynesiantown

Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty (5 ep.)
He's My Hero (compilation of 3 ep. with live action sequences)
Groovie Goolies and Friends (5 ep.)

Sesame Street (3 ep. - first episode & 2 early/mid 80s eps. from Noggin & a 2 hour compilation of animated segments)

Shazam! (live action - all 28 ep. with morals, plus all eps. shown on TV Land)

Shazam! (animated - 9 ep.) - see also the Kid Super Power Hour
Who's Who at the Zoo -- Best Seller -- The Incredible Sinking City -- Black Adam's Return -- A Menacing Family Affair -- Uncle Dudley's Wedding Day -- Flight 601 Has Vanished -- A Little Something Extra -- Star Master and the Solar Mirror

Shazzan (60s Hanna Barbera - 1 ep., 2 segments per show)
Master of the Thieves -- The Living Island

She-Ra, Princess of Power (2 ep.)
The Missing Ax -- The Crystal Castle

She Wolf of London (most/all - all from Sci Fi)

Shields and Yarnell Show (Best of compilation from their 77/78 series)

Sigmund & the Sea Monsters (13 ep.)
Trick Or Treat - Puppy Love -- Frankenstein Drops In -- Is There A DDoctor In The Cave? -- Happy Birthdaze -- Now You See 'Em, Now You Don't -- The Great Johnny-O -- Nasty Nephew -- Monster Rock Festival -- Pufnstuf Drops In -- Ghoul School Days -- Curfew -- Sweet Mama Redecorates

Silver Spoons (2 eps.)
Me and Mr. T -- Menudo Madness

Six Million Dollar Man (uncut episodes, not from Sci Fi)
Pilot (90 minute tv movie aka Cyborg) -- Burning Bright (w/William Shatner as guest star)

60 Minutes (3/1/81 episode w/o/c)

Skatebirds (1 ep. - hour long version w/Mystery Island + 6 ep. half hour version)

Sky Hawks (late 60s ABC animated series)
Untamed Wildcat

Slam Bang Theatre Compilation (2 hours of footage from Dallas kids morning show from early 70s)

Sledge Hammer! (Pilot w/additional footage + 3 other eps.)
Under the Gun! -- Magnum Farce -- Hammer Hits the Rock -- Last of the Red Hot Vampire

Solid Gold (1 ep)
Host: Dionne Warwick w/Tim Reid, Richard Sanders, Susan Anton & Fred Knoblock, Patrice Rushen, Tavares, Leif Garrett, Phil Everly, Split Enz, and Aresenio Hall (from 12/80 w/o/c)

Solid Gold X-mas Special (1983 two hour special with the top 40 X-mas songs- w/o/c)

Space: 1999
Compilation (60 minutes including episode trailers, convention footage of Landau, Bain and Morse and a special intro. by Landau and Bain for the 1976 premiére of "Breakaway")
Space: 1999 ­ The Documentary (60 minutes)
Space 1990: AlphaCon (60 minutes doc. on fan convention)

Space Academy (all 15 ep. - 4 from 16 mm)
The Survivors of Zalon -- The Phantom Planet -- Star Legend -- My Favorite Marcia -- Hide and Seek -- Planet of Fire -- Countdown -- The Rock of Janus -- Monkey Business -- Space Hookey -- There's No Place Like Home -- Johnny Sunseed -- The Cheat -- Life Begins at 300

Space Sentinels (aka Young Sentinels) (4 ep.)
Morpheus, The Sinister Sentinel -- Space Giants -- Loki -- Fauna

Space Stars (segments from Hanna Barbera's 81 space show, no intros, but closing credits)
The Education of Puglor (Astro and the Space Mutts) -- Worlds in Collision ( final segment, with Space Ghost & the Herculoids)

Spider Man (1967 version -4 30 min. ep + 9 15 min. ep.)
Phantom from The Depths of Time -- The Winged Thing -- Spider-Man Meets Dr. Noah Buddy -- The Fabulous Fakir -- Diet of Destrucction -- The Witching Hour -- The Origin of Spider-Man -- The Power of Dr. Octopus -- Sub-zero for Spidey -- The Spider and the Fly -- The Slippery Dr. Vonschlick - The Terrible Triumph of Dr. Octopus -- Fountain of Terror -- Fiddler on the Loose -- Blotto -- Where Crawls the Lizard -- Electro: the Human Lightning Bolt -- Sting of the Scorpion -- Trick or Treachery -- Spiderman Meets Skyboy -- Cold Storage -- The Sky is Falling -- Captured by J. Jonah Jameson -- Kingpinned -- To Cage a Spider -- Never Step on a Scorpion -- Sands of Crime -- Criminals in the Clouds

Spider Man (70s live action - 7 ep., not from Sci Fi)
Deadly Dust (1 & 2) -- Night of the Clones -- Escort to Danger -- Pilot -- Con Caper - Curse of Rava

Spider Man (insane Japanese version - 2 ep.)

Spider Man (1981 version - 5 ep.)
Arsenic and Aunt May -- The Unfathomable Professor Gizmo -- Cannons of
Doom -- Revenge of the Green Goblin -- The Incredible Shrinking Spider-Man

Spider Man and His Amazing Friends (2 ep.)
A Firestar is Born -- Fantastic Mr. Frump (w/o/c)

Spider Woman (70s animated - 1 ep.)
Spider Woman And The Fly

Spitting Image (UK comedy series featuring puppets based on historical/current newsworthy people)
Rubber Thingies -- Having it Off: Bonker's Guide

Spitting Image (1 ep. US version)
Ron and Nancy Show

Sport Billy (3 eps.)
Adventures of Sport Billy and Lilly-Space Champions (compilation of 3 episodes)

Spy Game (short lived 97 ABC series)
Go Girl (unaired in the US)

Square Pegs (8 eps. from Nick at Nite marathon)
Pilot -- Pac Man Fever -- A Simple Attachment -- It's All How You See Things --Muffy's Bas Mitzvah(w/Devo!) -- No Joy in Weemawee -- No Substitution (w/Bill Murray) -- The Arrangement

Star Trek (animated version - most/all uncut and/orfrom TV Land)

Star Wars Toy Commercials (approx. 45 minutes of toy commercials from the original trilogy)

Starcade (early 80s video game based game show)
10 eps. (more info coming soon)

Starlost (early 70s syndicated sci fi show - 2 eps.)
Voyage of Discovery (missing opening & closing credits) -- Lazarus from the Mist

Storybook Squares (1 ep. of kid version of Hollywood Squares - 1977)

Sub-Mariner (2 ep.)
Atlantis Under Attack -- Dr. Doom's Day

Super Force (1990 syndicated sci fi series)
Pilot (aka A Hero's Welcome 1 & 2)

Super President & Sky Shadow (4 ep. + 2 SP segments)
(Day of the Locusts - Kilowatt Killer Caper (SS) - Monster of the Atoll) -- (Billion Dollar Bomber - Brain Drain Game (SS) - The Condor's Eyes) --(Gravity Destroyer - Bandit Gambit (SS) - President and thee Pirate - w/o/c & time code) -- (Kings of the Sea - The Mystery Rustler Caper (SS) - Man of Steel - b & w & time code) -- Billion Dollar Bomber - Condor's Eye
SS = Sky Shadow

Super Pup (early 60s failed pilot of a canine version of Superman)

Super Retrovision Saturdaze (all of TV Land's 5 hour block of kids' programming featuring Pufnstuf, Harlem Globetrotters, Heckle & Jeckle, Lancelot Link, and more)

Superboy (unsold pilot from 60s)

Superboy (60s animated - 8 ep.)
The Revolt of Robotville -- The Great Kryptonite Caper -- Krypto's Calamitous Capers -- Double Trouble, Double Doom -- Superbody meets Mighty Lad -- The Black Knight -- Krypto, Super-seeing Eye Dog -- The Jinxed Circus

Superboy (80s live action version - w/c - 4 eps.):
Meet Mr. Mxyzptlk -- Metallo -- Bizarro...Thing of Steel --Battle with Bizarro

Superman (60s animated - 7 ep.)
Superman meets Brainiac -- Luminians on the Loose -- The Pernicious Parasite - - The Prankster -- The Chimp Who Made it Big -- The Toyman's Super Toy -- Luther's Fatal Fireworks

Superman (1988 Ruby Spears version - 5 eps. w/2 segments per show)
Triple Play -- The Circus, The Hunter, Little Runaway, Superman & Wonder Woman vs. The Sorceress of Time, Wildsharkk, To Play Or Not To Play, The Last Time I saw Earth, It's Superman

Superstretch and Microwoman (segments from Tarzan/Batman and the Super 7 - 4 eps.)
Phantom of the Sewers -- The Toymaker -- Superstarch and Magnawoman - Future Tense

Swamp Thing (live action - approx. 30 ep. from USA and Sci Fi)

Swans Crossing (goofy early 90s teen soap opera with Sarah Michelle Gellar - 4 ep)

T & T (late 80s syndicated series with Mr. T - 1 ep.)
Straight Line (90 min. pilot)

Tabitha & Adam & the Clown Family (ABC Saturday Superstar Movie featuring the kids from Bewitched)

Tammy Grimes Show (60s sitcom -1 ep.- w/o/c)

Tarzan (60's version with Ron Ely in the title role 2 eps. from 16 mm)
Rendevous For Revenge -- A Gun For Jai

Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (Filmation's animated version 19 ep.)
Tarzan and the Knights of Nimmr -- Tarzan and the Amazon Princess -- Tarzan and the Haunted Forest -- Tarzan and the Spider People -- Tarzan and the Monkey God -- Tarzan and the Ice Monster -- Tarzan and the Land Beneath the Earth -- Tarzan and The Island Of Dr. Morphos -- Tarzan and The Sifu -- Tarzan and The Bird People -- Tarzan and the Forbidden City -- Tarzan and the Land of the Giants -- Tarzan and the Sunken City of Atlantis -- Tarzan and the Soul Stealer -- Tarzan and the Conquistadors -- ?? -- ?? -- ?? -- ?? -- Tarzan and the City of Gold (from 16 mm)

Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Hour (early 80s Filmation animated) - 1 ep. (complete with original opening/closing credits and educational bits)

Telly....Who Loves Ya, Baby? (1976 Telly Savalas variety special w/Barbara Eden, Diahann Carroll, and Cloris Leachman w/some orig. commercials)

Tenacious D (HBO comedy series)
all 3 eps. & misc. tv/concert appearances

Texas Wheelers (early 70s comedy/drama w/Mark Hamill, Gary Busey, & Jack Elam - 1 ep.)

Things We Did Last Summer (1977 comedy special showing what the SNL cast did that summer)

3 - 2 - 1 Contact (Educational kids show from early/mid 80s - 4 eps. from Noggin)

Thunderbirds (classic 60s supermarionation show)
Countdown to Disaster (compilation of Terror In New York City -- Atlantic Inferno)

Time for Timer - 2 short segments, plus other ABC spots

Timeslip (failed 30 minute pilot with Duran Duran's John Taylor from 1985)

Tonight Show w/ Kermit the Frog (1 ep. w/o/c )
Guests: Vincent Price, Bernadette Peters, Leo Sayer, Dr. Michael Fox, and the Muppets (197?)

Tony Orlando and Dawn Show (70s variety series - 2 eps + misc clips) - 1) Freddie Prinze -- 2) George Carlin

Top of the Pops (UK music show - 2 eps.)
Christmas 1973 -- regular episode

TV Commercials (one hour compilations from 50s-70s - Shokus video #6, 7)

$20,000 Pyramid (game show hosted by Dick Clark - 3 eps.)
9/14/77 (w/William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy)
12/13/78 (w/ Anita Gillette and David Letterman - first few seconds missing)
9/2/79 (All Star Junior Pyramid w/ Susan Richardson, David Hollander, Tony Danza, Tammy Lauren, Olivia Barash, and Rob Lowe)

Ultraman (60s version)
Ultra Operation #1 -- Shoot the Invader -- Go Science Patrol -- Five Seconds Until Apocolypse

Ultraman (90s live action version - 1 ep.)
Towards the Future

Uncle Floyd Show (Goofy syndicated comedy/talk show)
1/28/80 w/guests Jan & Dean (staticy audio - w/o/c)

Undersea Adventures of Captain Nemo (animated - an hours worth of episodes)

U.S. of Archie (7 ep. + more eps. from Odyssey)
Flame of Freedom -- The Wright Brothers -- Gold -- Day off the Ladies -- Star
Spangled Banner - -Golden Spike -- Wizard of Menlo Park<

US Magazine Looks at the 70s (1980 special - hosted by David Letterman)

Van Dyke and Company (Dick Van Dyke's 76 variety show featuring Andy Kaufman)
- incomplete episode with Carl Reiner (w/o/c)

Vegetable Soup (70s syndicated educational series - 2 ep.)

Wacky Racers (1 ep. w/2 stories)
See Saw to Arkansas -- Creepy Trip to Lemon Twist

Weakest Link (NBC prime time game show - 1 ep.)
Cast of Brady Bunch

Web Woman (segment from Tarzan/Batman and the Super 7 - 1 ep.)

Westwind (70s Saturday live morning show w/ Van "Green Hornet" Williams - 10 ep. - 2 from 16 mm)

Who Wants to Be a Hero (1981 Afterschool Special-like adaption of teen novel w/ Ike Eisenmann)

Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down? (Filmation animated - 2 ep.)

Winnetka Road (94 NBC Aaron Spelling series - 3 ep.)

WKRP in Cincinatti
2nd Episode (9/25/78 - w/o/c)

Wonder Woman pilot (60s version, not the Lynda Carter version- 10 minutes)

Wonder Woman (most/all eps from Sci-Fi)

Wonderbug (7 ep.)
Schlepnapped -- Go West -- Keep on Schleppin' -- Schlep O'Clock Rock -- Anderson's Android -- I Kidd You Not -- Maltese Gooneybird

Wonderful World of Corgi Toys (80 min. documentary on UK toy company that manufacturered figures and automobiles from film, tv and comics)

Wonderful World of Disney
Salute To Disney's Oscar Winners (narrated by John Forsythe from 4/80 - w/o/c) -- 25th Anniversary Tribute (hosted by Ron Howard & Suzanne Somers aired on 9/17/78 - w/o/c)

Wonderama (70s Sunday morning variety show for kids)
100 minute compilation includes highlights from early-mid 1970's (w/Jackson 5, Muhammed Ali, Evil Knievel), interview with Bob McAllister (series' final host), and a 1972 segment with Marlo Thomas and Marty Allen.

World of Secret Squirrel and Atom Ant (9/12/65 special prime time preview of these 2 Hanna Barbera cartoons)

You are There (1971 version - still hosted by Walter Cronkite):
Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad -- Vision of Dr. Koche -- The Seige of the Alamo
-- Torment of Joan of Arc --0Columbus and Isabella -- Trial of Susan B. Anthony -- Treason of Benedict Arnold

Young Sentinels (aka Space Sentinels) (4 ep.)
Morpheus, The Sinister Sentinel -- Space Giants -- Loki -- Fauna

Zoom (5 ep. - most from recent Boston rebroadcasts)

Zorro, New Adventures of (Filmation - 5 ep.)
The Tyrant -- The Conspiracy -- Terremoto! -- The Trap -- The Conspiracy


Above the Law (w/ Cynthia Rothrock, not the Segal movie) (aka Righting Wrongs) (dubbed)

Americathon (1979 movie with John Ritter w/many cameos)

Archer: Fugitive from the Empire (failed NBC pilot/tv movie from 81)

Army of Darkness (Sci-Fi version with extra footage)

Bad Ronald (oddball 70s tv movie)

Baffled (70s tv movie/pilot w/ Leonard Nimoy)

Banana Monster (aka Schlock ) (John Landis's first film)

B.C. Rocks (animated film with music from Rick Wakeman and Hall & Oates)

Bermuda Depths (late 70s tv movie)

Blackenstein (70s Blacksploitation horror film)

Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (cult film with a pre-Wonder Woman Lynda Carter)

BS, I Love You (early 70s film with Joanna "Isis" Cameron)

Captain America (70s tv movie/failed pilot based on Marvel Comics hero)

Desperate Teenage Lovedolls (psuedo remake of Valley of the Dolls with the guys from Redd Kross)

Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World (early 70s British kids' film seen on the CBS Childrens Film Festival)

Doc Savage, Man of Bronze (mid 70s film based on pulp books w/Ron "Tarzan" Ely)

Fantastic Four (unreleased movie + trailer)

Gargoyles (70s tv horror movie)

God Told Me To (Larry Cohen cult film w/Andy Kaufman in a small part)

Gospel Road (Johnny Cash's 1973 filmed version of the life of Jesus Christ)

Great Brain (late 70s adaptation of popular childrens book series produced by the Osmonds with Jimmy Osmond in the title role)

Great Rock and Roll Swindle (psuedo documentary on the Sex Pistols)

Having a Wild Weekend (John Boorman film w/the Dave Clark Five)

Home for the Holidays (70s TV horror movie w/ Sally Field)

Horror at 37,000 Feet (70s TV horror movie w/ Shatner, Chuck Conners, Russell Johnson, and Roy Thines)

Hysterical (1983 comedy starring the Hudson Brothers)

Insperctor Wears Skirts (aka Top Squad) (w/Cynthia Rothrock - not subtitled)

Intruder (aka Shame)(1961 Corman film with William Shatner)

Journey Through the Past (Neil Young film - not released on video)

Killer in the Family (Creepy 1982 docudrama/tv movie w/Robert Mitchum, Lance Kerwin, Eric Stoltz, and James Spader)

Lovedoll Superstars (wacky sequel to Desperate Teenage Lovedolls with the guys from Redd Kross)

Madame Sin (1970s unsold pilot/tv movie with Bette Davis)

The Man from Clover Grove (mid 70s low budget kids movie with Rose Marie & Richard Deacon (Dick Van Dyke show), Paul Winchell, and introducing Spencer Milligan (Land of the Lost)

Melody (1970 Alan Parker directed cult film with Jack Wild)

Men of the Dragon (70s tv movie/pilot with Jared Martin and Katie Saylor from Fantastic Journey)

Murder Can Kill You (1980 tv movie spoof of popular detectives shows of the 70s with Victor Buono, John Byner, Gavin MacLeod, Don Adams, Tony Danza and Buck Owen)

Mystery at Dracula's Castle (Disney TV movie w/Sigmund's Johnny Whitaker and Scott Kolden)

Never Too Young to Die (campy adventure film with John Stamos, Vanity and Gene Simmons in drag)

Nick Fury (cheezy tv movie comic adaption with David Hasselhoff in the title role)

Night of the Strangler (70s horror flick with Micky Dolenz)

Norliss Tapes (1973 horror tv movie w/Roy Thinnes & Angie Dickinson)

Oliver Twist (Filmation version)

Out of Time (1988 tv movie/failed pilot with Bill Maher and Adam Ant involving
time travel)

Phantom of Hollywood (mid 70s tv movie)

Power Within (falied sci fi pilot/tv movie from 79)

Questor Tapes (failed 70s pilot/tv movie from Gene Roddenberry)

Robin and the Dream Weavers (new animated film from Lou Scheimer, former head of Filmation studios)

Rock and Rule (early 80s animated)

The Sailor Who Fell From Grace with the Sea (dark 76 film with Kris Kristoferson)

Scavenger Hunt (1979 all star comedy)

Shame of the Jungle (animated 70s Tarzan spoof written by SNL writers with some SNL actors - Belushi, Murray, Guest - doing voices)

S.H.E. (70s spy tv movie/pilot with Omar Shariff and Robert Lansing)

Side Show (tv movie produced by the Krofft Brothers with Lance Kerwin)

Skateboard (70s film with Leif Garrett)

Son of Dracula (w/ Ringo Starr and Harry Nillson)

Spectre (failed 70s pilot/tv movie from Gene Roddenberry - expanded foriegn version)

Spirit, The (failed pilot based on the comic character)

Student Bodies (slasher spoof from early 80s)

Surf 2 (bad 80s teen flick w/ cool soundtrack and a young Eric Stoltz)

Tanya's Island (Vanity falls in love with an ape)

This is Spinal Tap (laser disc version with added scenes and other footage)

Top Fighters 2: Deadly China Dolls (comp. of footage of female action stars (Rothrock, Yeoh,etc..)

Trilogy of Terror (cult classic 70s TV horror movie w/Karen Black starring in 3 different segments)

When Michael Calls (70s TV horror movie w/ Michael Douglas)

Misc. random/strange stuff:

Best of the Worst of Star Search (15/20 minutes of rejected submissions)

Bloopers (2 hour, b &w/color compilation with outtakes from shows like MASH, Laugh-In, Carol Burnett Show, Cannon, Laverne and Shirley, Waltons, The Rifleman, commercials/local news, Laurel and Hardy, Martin and Lewis and old B/W films)

Blooper Compilation (various local news, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, MASH, Carol Burnett Show, X-files, Star Trek and the Waltons - some clips are the same as other compilation)

Cowboy from Vienna (Austin, TX access show featuring an older Austrian man lipsynching to his cowboys songs - very odd - Best of episode)

David Lee Roth compilation (unedited, drunken US Festival interview, raw footage from 86 MTV special, 91 Letterman rehearsal footage, horrible 95 Tonight Show performance, and Howard Stern 95(missing beginning))

Deal: The Making of "Let's Make a Deal" (90 minute doc. on the creation of the classic game show)

Deception of a Generation (2 eps. on evils of cartoons from mid 80s religious show)

Drivers' Scare Films (90 minute compilation of campy/over the top driver training/educational films)

80s Kids Commercials (90 minutes of commercials for kids products from the 80s - some commercials are repeated)

Federal Follies (2 hours of campy, government produced films)

Flying Saucer Over Hollywood (2 hour doc. on Plan 9 from Outer Space)

Go Gos Roadie Video (hotel room footage w/ a very drunk Belinda and Kathy trying to get a groupie and roadie to make a porn)

Hypnotic Eye (5 ep. of Dallas access show with various psychotronic clips)

Images & Things (8 eps. of 70s PBS show that shows collages of images/sounds based on a specific theme/concept)

Larry Williams, a homeless man, gives rambling directions (10 minutes)

Let's Break - hour long "how to breakdance" video

Magic Secrets Video (1987 cereal tie in - magic tricks are shown with the help of people dressed as cereal mascots - Trix Rabbit, Count Chockula, etc... - very odd!)

Mark Slaughter's instructional guitar video (cheezy instructional video)

McDonalds Commercials (100 minutes of early 70s Krofft-like commercials)

McDonalds Training Film (from early 70s - 15 minutes)

Mego Toy Commercials (2 hours of commercials from the main maker of 70s/early 80s action figures - DC/Marvel Heroes, Star Trek, Waltons, Happy Days, Planet of the Apes, Micronauts, and more)

Mr. T - Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Fool (Mr. T's tape teaches you how to be a better person)

Rockers on Regis & Kathie Lee (Motley Crue (with Regis playing piano), Billy Corrigan, Yes, Styx, and Matthew Sweet (with Kathie Lee on vocals!))

Roger Corman - Hollywood's Wild Angel (hour doc. on famous filmaker)

Scopitones (30 minutes of music videos made for video jukeboxes in the 60s)

Secret Video Game Tricks, Codes and Strategies (Two 1 hour shows on how to win at Nintendo)

Seventies Classroom Drug Scare films (90 minutes of anti-drug films for teens from the 70s)

Sleazemania Vol. 1 (hour compilation of clips from exploitation films from 50-70s)

Star Wars Audition Tape (90 minutes of b & w footage of various actors auditioning for the 3 major parts in Star Wars, including William Katt, Kurt Russell, Terri Nunn, Linda Pearl, Charlie Martin Smith, Robbie Benson, and more) + R2D2 & C3P0 on Sesame Street (30 minutes of raw footage with time codes)

Straight Up (campy late 80s anti drug fantasy with Lou Gossett Jr. - 75 minutes)

Take it Back - Making of recycling public service messages/video for a remake of Yakety Yak, featuring Barry White, Ozzy Osbourne, Bette Midler, Quincy Jones and more.

Teen Steam (really cheezy work out tape starring Alyssa Milano circa 1988)

That Teen Show (2 eps. of a very dated teen talk show from 1981, co hosted by What's Happenin's Haywood Nelson)

Tom Vu (hour long informercial circa 1990 featuring infamous real estate seller - unintentionally hilarious)

Troops (Star Wars/COPS parody)

Van Halen Unedited (2 hours of raw footage of the band doing interviews,
including a lot of between interview "rock star"-ness)

William Shatner compilation - 90 minutes of interviews (including Mike Douglas from 69), MTV Outtakes, wrestling appearances to promote Tek War, and more.

2 vols. of obscure/strange video (including Heavy Metal Parking Lot, religious
puppet shows, Japanese monsters fighting, embarrasing celebrity footage, etc..)

Shows/stuff to look for:

Specific wants:

TV series:

ABC Weekend Specials (especially looking for shows with opening & intros)
Animals, Animals, Animals (70s kids show)
Ark II - Lottery ep. only
Bailey's Comet
Bay City Rollers Show (70s kids show)
Ben Stiller Show
(MTV Version)
Big Blue Marble (70s kids show)
Big John, Little John
(70s kids show)
Brady Bunch Variety Hour (70s variety show featuring the Brady Bunch)
Captain & Tenille Show
(70s variety show)
CBS Children's Film Festival
(any of the films, especially any with the Kukla, Fran, & Ollie segments)
Children's Hour (Dallas kids show)
Curiosity Shop
(70s kids show)
Double Deckers -
Tiger Takes Off ep.
Emergency Plus 4
(animated version of Emergency)
Fast Times
(short-lived tv version of Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
Ghost Busters
(need the 5 that weren't released on video)
Go (a.k.a. Go USA)
(70s eduactional kids show)
Harlem Globetrotters Popcorn Machine
(70s kids show)
High Performance
(early 80s action series)
Hot Dog
(70s eduactional kids show)
Hot Fudge (70s eduactional kids show)
Hot Hero Sandwich
(70s eduactional kids show)
Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show
(70s kids show)
I'm the Greatest: the Adventures of Muhammad Ali
(70s animated version of the champ)
In the News
(short news stories that aired between shows on Saturday mornings)
It's Your Move
(short lived 80s sitcom w/Jason Bateman)
(l969 Sat. morning animal show)
(mid/late 70s syndicated music show hosted by Twiggy)
Junior Almost Anything Goes
(70s kids game show)
Kids are People Too
(late 70s/early 80s ABC Sunday morning kids variety show)
Kids from C.A.P.E.R.
(70s kids show)
Korg, 70,000 BC
(70s kids show)
Krofft Supershow
(looking for full episodes and/orKaptain Kool and the Kongs segments)
Krofft Superstar Hour
(70s kids show)
Make a Wish
(70s eduactional kids show)
(short lived Mary Tyler Moore variety show with David Letterman & Michael Keaton)
McDuff, the Talking Dog
(70s kids show)
Monster Squad
(70s kids show)
(70s kids show)
(late 70s/early 80s educational show)
Red Hand Gang
(70s kids show)
Run, Joe, Run
(70s kids show)
Search and Rescue: The Alpha Team
(70s kids show)
(hour long versions with Mystery Island segments.)
Space Sentinels
(70s kids show)
Starland Vocal Band Show
(76 summer variety series w/David Letterman)
Swans Crossing
(early 90s campy teen soap opera)
Take a Giant Step
(70s eduactional kids show)
Talking with a Giant (70s eduactional kids show)
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle
(70s animated version)
Tarzan and the Super 7
(need any Super 7 segments, except Freedom Force, plus opening and closing credits)
Talking with a Giant
(70s eduactional kids show)
30 Minutes
(70s eduactional kids show)
(70s kids show)
TV 101 (Short lived early 90s prime time series)
Uncle Croc's Block
(70s kids show)
(70s kids show)
Way Out Games
(70s kids game show)
(70s kids show)
Whiz Kids
(early 80s prime time series)
Wonderful World of Disney
( The Monster of Strawberry Lake segment from the late 60s/early 70s)
You are There
(70s Saturday morning version)

Cannonball (70s Roger Corman film about a cross country race w/David & Robert Carradine)
Cro Magnon aka The Tribe (caveman pilot/tv movie from 74)
Escapade (failed pilot for US version of the Avengers with Morgan Fairchild)
Feminist and the Fuzz (early 70s tv movie with David Hartman and Barbara Eden)
Great American Beauty Contest (early 70s tv movie with Louis Jordan and Farrah Fawcett)
Pray for the Wildcats (early 70s tv movie with William Shatner and Andy Griffith)
Ride the Wild Surf (60s surf film)
Terror on the Beach (early 70s tv movie with Susan Day)

General wants:

70s Saturday morning preview shows (except NBC 78 one)
70s tv movies with scifi/fantasy/horor plots
70s variety shows
Educational kid shows from the late 60s - mid 80s (the campier/cheezier the better)
Shows with original commercials from the 70s through early 80s
Goofy/out there stuff (see my Misc. random/strange stuff for examples)